Words of appreciation and thanks are nothing compared to the impact you left on my staff of Darlington County. It’s a month later, and folks are still raving about what happened in Florence, South Carolina at the Civic Center. I’ve had other Directors call to find out what happened as well, because their staff came back so excited and motivated.

Arthur you are a dynamic “JEWEL” to your profession. We are your “home folk” and make it known that our doors are always opened to you .Once again, thank you for expanding our consciousness!
- Evelyn Patterson, Head Start Director

With a room filled with over 415 employees, you could hear a pin-drop when you wowed them with your wisdom. During proactive reflective moments, there was not a dry eye in the facility. Opening our annual professional development experience with you is by far the best investment i have ever made in my staff. my colleagues began the year FULLFILLED AND EMPOWERED! THEY ARE STILL RAVING ABOUT YOU. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
- Dr. Jonita Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer Headstart, Gulf Coast Community Services

The energy you exuded made all the two hundred plus participants have an empowering experience. You showed us how to face everyday challenges with honesty, integrity and take pride in our work. Your small skit on the skills to handle the customers (of which I was a part too) was ingenious and it drove a very solid message.

The feedback from the group was very positive, lifting and showed a shift in the right direction for our employees. Some even told me it was the best seminar they ever attended.

Again thank you for a wonderful session.

- Raj Kapur, MBA, Chief Financial Officer, The Campagna Center

We challenged you to push to the edge a group of committed and accomplished professionals. You were able to do so, as we are still talking about the salient points of information you shared. As you are keenly aware, this room was filled with over 45 of our key leaders in the Houston Division. Each of them is highly competitive and results-driven leaders with proven track records.

As a leader in the community and member of this group, I’m often asked to provide a stable of speakers with new and germane business topics. You were well researched, prepared and relevant. You left behind a powerful message that even this group hasn’t heard in the four years of its existence.
- James Harris, Director-Supplier Diversity, H-E-B

"Your presentation at our Circle of Honor Dinner was uplifting, positive and masterful. We received an overwhelming response to invite you back as soon as possible.

Thank you again for sharing your unique gift with us and I hope this is only the beginning of a lasting relationship with United Parcel Service. "
- Lee Small, District Health & Safety Manager, UPS

"Congratulations! It has been agreed that your presentation was the highlight of our meeting. It has been 2 weeks and we continue to hear the affirmations you shared daily, in some cases, life-changing.

Thank you for reminding us of just how powerful we are or can become by drawing on our inner strengths."
- Patricia L. Garris, CPC, CLU, ChFC, Manager, State Farm Insurance Companies

"The response I received after your presentation was wonderful! You made me look really good. It's not every day we have someone with your energy and message come into our workplace and make such a long-lasting, positive and inspirational impression. We will be seeing you again soon, I promise!"
- Natalie McNeal, Development and Retention Committee Chairperson, Hewlett Packard

"It was a pleasure meeting you. You speak with passion and conviction. I was inspired! Keep up the great work you're doing. Aloha!"
- Wally Amos, Famous Amos Cookies

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